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Whether you’re a seasoned competitive marthoner, or just lacing up your shoes for the first time, understanding your running style and making necessary improvements can significantly improve your running experience and prevent those frustrating injures. A Running Gait Analysis is a key service that allows you to measure your running form, understand your unique gait, and reduce risk of injury. 

In this 2 part series, we discuss what Running Gait Analysis is, how it is usually performed, the benefits of doing a Running Gait Analysis, and Runeasi 3D technology that we use.

What is Running Gait Analysis?

  • Running gait analysis is the examination of a runner’s running pattern and biomechanics. This may provide important information to understand alignment, pressure distribution and overall mechanics while running. 
  • Typically, this requires the runner to run on a treadmill while video footage is recorded by a practitioner. The practitioner then assesses the video footage before providing feedback and recommendations.  

How is Running Gait Analysis usually performed?

  • Observational Gait Analysis. This is where practitioner visually observes and assess the running pattern of the runner, looking for significant abnormalities in the running pattern and overall posture. This is considered the most basic form of gait analysis as visual observation analysis leaves high room of error by the practitioner as intricate movements performed at running speed are unable to be picked out. 
  • Video Gait Analysis. This is more advanced form of gait analysis where the practitioner typically uses slow-motion video capture to record the runner’s running gait. With this video, the practitioner is able to scroll back and forth to the frames of interest of the runner’s movement, allowing a more detailed and intricate analysis. Important information such as limb angles, strike patterns, and movement ranges can be picked out. 
  • 3D Analysis. Advanced technology tracks measures that are unable to be discerned or visualised through observation or video such as forces and impact. Our bodies are subjected to repetitive impact and forces when running, which puts strain and stress on our joints, ligaments, muscles and bones. Assessing and understanding this impact gives key insights to preventing injury and optimising running form. 

Running Gait Analysis with Podiatry Quest 

running gait analysis

Running Gait Analysis with Podiatry Quest – 3D sensor technology with slow-motion video.

  • Our 3D and VideoRunning Gait Analysis service is a specialised examination that involves a combination of consultation, clinical assessments, and running on a treadmill. 
  • During the consultation, your podiatrist will gather information about your running history, goals, and any current concerns or injuries. 
  • Clinical assessments will be performed to evaluate the strength and flexibility of specific muscle groups related to running. 
  • Finally, the treadmill running session allows the podiatrist to observe and analyse your running form and biomechanics in real-time. This is done with slow-motion video footage and a 3D sensor called Runeasi to record impact and your body’s response.
  • Based on the findings, your podiatrist will then make recommendations to optimise your performance, prevent future injuries or manage your current injury if you have one. This involves interventions such as strengthening and stretching exercises, modifying your running technique, changing your footwear, foot orthotic prescription etc. 

What are the benefits of our Running Gait Analysis service? 

1) Optimise your running technique 

  • With a thorough analysis of your running style, a running gait analysis offers invaluable insights about technique. A skilled podiatrist evaluates crucial elements including stride length, foot strike, alignment and cadence. By pinpointing areas needing improvement, you can adjust your posture and stride, leading to enhanced running efficiency, minimised injury risk, and improved performance. 

2) Prevent Running injuries

  •  The Podiatry Quest running analysis stands out for its strong emphasis on injury prevention. This analysis is instrumental in identifying biomechanical issues or imbalances that could lead to sporting injuries like knee pain, shin pain or ankle pain. By undercovering these root causes, the analysis equips the podiatrist to prescribe adjustments to your running form, tailored exercises, and stretches, effectively reducing the likelihood of future injuries. 

3) Improving Running Efficiency

  • Running with inefficient techniques can result in wasted energy and heightened fatigue. Gait analysis allows you to pinpoint areas of energy inefficiency or excessive strain on certain muscles or joints. By making targeted adjustments informed by the analysis, you can significantly boost your running efficiency. This translates to maintaining a faster pace, increasing your endurance for longer distances, and minimising fatigue throughout your runs.

In part 2 of this series, we will elaborate on the revolutionary Runeasi 3D Gait Analysis technology that we use, and the unique insights that it brings. If you are interested in doing a running gait analysis, contact our team to find out more or to book an appointment!

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