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Podiatry Quest

Relieve Your Foot Pain & Get Back To Your Active Life

Do you have pain in your foot, heel, or ankle that is preventing you from leading an active life?

We are here to help you on your Quest to recovery!

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About Podiatry Quest

Podiatry Quest is a Podiatry practice in Singapore that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of conditions related to the foot, ankle, and lower limb. 

We are passionate and caring Podiatrists known for the management of musculoskeletal pain and sporting injuries. We are dedicated to stopping your foot and lower limb pain from impacting your life, getting you moving well and feeling great. 

 Let us help you to stride forward on your Quest to recovery!

What Is Podiatry?

How Can Podiatry Benefit Me

Our Services

Foot Pain Management

Solving foot, heel, and ankle pain with expert care and advice

Sports Podiatry

Helping athletes back on their feet and performing at their very best

Customised Foot Orthotics

Precision devices to treat injuries

More Services

Cycling Orthotics

For ultimate comfort and performance

Video Gait Analysis

Running/walking gait reviews and improvements

Shockwave Therapy

Acoustic waves to stimulate healing

Shoe Advice And Prescription

Optimising your footwear

Pediatric Podiatry

Keeping your little ones active and healthy


Application of athletic tape for injury prevention or rehab

PACT UV Fungal Nail Treatment

Eliminate fungal infections

Ingrown Toenail Management

Removal of painful ingrown nails

Skin And Nail Care

Keep your feet looking healthy

Yeo Boon Kiak

Principal Podiatrist and Co-Founder

Boon Kiak graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters in Podiatric Practice with Honours (first-class) in 2014 from La Trobe University, Victoria. He started at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, establishing and spearheading the Sports Podiatry service during his time there. In 2021, he also assumed managerial responsibilities when he moved to Woodlands Health Campus to lead the Podiatry service.

His journey as an elite athlete started in 2012, where he competed for a semi-professional team in the Australia. Having represented Singapore in 3 editions of the South-East Asian Games, his best result was a bronze medal in the Criterium event during the 2022 Vietnam SEA Games. His extensive experience as an elite athlete gives him a unique perspective to patient management in the area of podiatric sports medicine and musculoskeletal conditions.

Boon Kiak remains an avid sportsman and still enjoys riding and competing on his bike, albeit a lot slower than he used to.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Podiatrist

Podiatry Quest is helmed by a seasoned local podiatrist with a decade of experience in both public and private Podiatry healthcare settings in Singapore. He is a registered member of Podiatry Association (Singapore) and possesses substantial expertise in diagnosing and treating a wide range of foot conditions across diverse patient demographics, allowing us to deliver holistic care to your needs

Advanced Clinical Skills in Sporting Injuries and Pain

Our podiatrist established and spearheaded the Sports Podiatry service at one of the leading Sports Medicine centres in Singapore at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. There, he worked in a multidisciplinary setting, alongside orthopedic surgeons, sports doctors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists and nutritionists, honing his clinical skills in managing musculoskeletal pain and sporting injuries. 

We strive for only the best for everyone who walks through our doors. If you are dealing with a musculoskeletal or sporting injury and looking to get back on track, we are the place to be.

Elite Sport Background

With the many years of experience as an elite athlete, we are well acquainted with the injuries athletes experience, the hurdles they face in recovery, and the goals they have to perform. We are able to intimately relate and connect with the challenges and triumphs athletes face, through our personal involvement in exercise and sports.

Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, we inherently understand your needs, frustrations, and desires when dealing with a sporting injury and wanting to get back to your very best.


Hear what our satisfied clients have to say

Irene Ng
Irene Ng
Boon Kiak is friendly and displayed great sense of professionalism. The centre's staff is helpful. The centre is neat and clean.
Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong
Boon Kiat was really efficient and took time to explain to me the procedure. Satisfied with the outcome!
Merrill Lee
Merrill Lee
Great experience with Boon Kiak 🙂
Katie Lim
Katie Lim
Good service and very helpful and friendly staff
Yu-Jin Lau
Yu-Jin Lau
Dr Yeo Boon Kiak was very patient and really helped work on my foot as well as my calves. Thanks for the amazing work!
Sherry Lee
Sherry Lee
Had plantar fasciitis, and Boon Kiak was able to help me alleviate the pain and taught me a few tricks on how to restrengthen the area. I immediately felt better after the treatment. Definitely recommend!!
Guillaume Causse
Guillaume Causse
I am a cyclist and trail runner competitive. Boon is a very good podiatrist he help me to make some insole that will help me prevent shine split and also refer me to physio to do sport massage and dry needling. His podiatrist skills combined with his cyclist elite athlete experience made him the best person to diagnose and advise any sport athletes. I strongly recommend Boon.
I recently consulted with Boon Kiak Yeo at Podiatry Quest regarding a runner's knee issue. I was highly impressed by his approach, assessment, and the effective ways he guided me through exercises and provided customized insoles. Great experience!
Freddie Phua
Freddie Phua
I had been grappling with foot pain for a couple of months, and as an avid runner, the prolonged recovery was disheartening. After trying various self-healing methods without success, I decided to removing the guesswork by seeking professional help. Boon Kiak diagnosed my condition as plantar fasciitis, taking the time to explain the root causes of my symptoms. This personalized approach gave me a thorough understanding of the healing process and the exercises involved, as well as crucial insights into what to avoid during the recovery period. Besides administering shockwave therapy, Boon Kiak keenly observed my feet and recommended custom insoles. These insoles, tailored to my specific needs, made a significant difference in my recovery journey. Shockwave therapy was a part of the treatment process, and I noticed significant improvement after just two sessions. In a mere two weeks, I felt ready to hit the pavement again. What sets Boon Kiak apart is not just his expertise in podiatry but also his unique perspective as an ex-national cyclist. His understanding of the demands of various sports allows him to provide genuine advice tailored to individual needs. Moreover, supporting ex-national athletes like Boon Kiak is essential. These individuals dedicated their lives to national glory, and it's crucial to ensure they have fulfilling careers post-sport. I encourage everyone to support these athletes, and in doing so, you'll also be choosing top-notch podiatric care. In conclusion, my experience with Boon Kiak has been nothing short of excellent. If you're seeking not only a solution to your foot troubles but also valuable insights from someone who truly understands the intricacies of sports-related injuries, Boon Kiak is the podiatrist to visit.

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